Polyurea Company, A World Leader in the Polyurea Coatings Market

A leading Polyurea Company in Italy has recently developed a revolutionary new material which could change the face of the roofing industry forever. Currently, most roofing systems are made from either asphalt or tar based shingles. While both have their positives and negatives, they have both been used for many years already. Both are easily damaged by weather, have limited longevity when it comes to strength and durability, and require constant maintenance. With over two centuries of manufacturing experience in the industry, a company in Italy has developed a revolutionary new material which could revolutionize the roofing industry for good.

polyurea company

The latest invention from the polyurea company, named Terrazzo TM is something that has the potential to change how the industry looks at mobile rig construction. This revolutionary material is produced using a unique chemical process called flash mixing. What this means is that the product being manufactured is made up of thousands of tiny plastic mold like spheres. Each sphere is coated in a unique pattern of resins which allows them to bond together with each other much more easily than with asphalt or tar based roofing materials. As a result, when sprayed on top of any existing roof, the resins allow the building elements underneath to easily adhere to the surface, creating a much stronger seal which is much easier to repair and maintain than ever before.

The polyurea company currently supplies equipment for almost all facets in the mobile rig industry. Mobile drilling rigs, power pole and telepole foundations, tilt-up androids, boom lifts, and tilt-down handrails are just a few of the services being offered. One of the newest products to be introduced from the polyurea company is a unique material which allows for the attachment of an ultra-lightweight aluminum boom lift. Although the polyurethane is lightweight itself, it is composed primarily of a combination of polyurethane foam and a highly durable rubber compound which creates a strong yet lightweight base for the lifting device to rest upon. This innovative product can be used for a wide variety of applications in both the construction and marine industries today. Due to the fact that the polyurethane product is so incredibly light and compact, it is actually capable of being injected into cavities of natural stone and concrete, allowing for buildings and structures to be supported much more strongly due to their extremely dense nature.

Using polyurea in the construction industry has not only increased productivity levels but also lowered operating costs for contractors across the board. Because the resins and foam are so cost effective, the polyurea manufacturing process is able to create equipment time saving solutions to many tasks. Time is money and if you are running a construction company, then you know without a doubt that time equals money.

Another key development in the polyurea industry which has been around for quite some time is known as closed cell foam. This unique type of foam allows for construction projects to be completed quicker and in a more efficient manner. In addition, due to the incredibly high density and incredible durability of the material itself, the finished structure will be able to withstand years of wear and tear. While polyureas and closed cell foams are commonly used in conjunction with one another, they are often used separately as well. In the manufacture of construction equipment for instance, closed cell foams are often utilized in combination with polyurea to provide the best possible solution. One great example of this would be the construction of closed cell underfloor heating systems, where polyurea prevents the formation of moisture within the floor and heats up the metal underneath to prevent damage from condensation.

Polyurea coating options tend to run the gamut from a simple water based spray foam option to a comprehensive mineral based coating solution. Of course, the various coatings available to contractors tend to fall into one of two categories – a penetrating, or an oil based penetrating. Penetrating coatings tend to be used on all types of hardware, from track lighting to garage door openers. For softer polyurea coating solutions such as those which can be used on plumbing pipes or tiles, oil based coatings are preferred. These solutions, when applied to materials like granite or marble, tend to resist staining and are also able to stand up against chemical spills. Oil based coatings are the most effective means of protection, however, and should be reserved for projects where safety is a primary concern.