Polyurea Coating for Concrete

Polyurea Coating is a polyurea based coating commonly used in several sectors. In recent past, polyurea coating market has grown and is expected to expand substantially in the coming years. According to estimates, polyurea coating market will be around $30 billion by the end of the next decade. Currently, polyurea coating market is dominated by polyurea based coatings such as thermal spray coating, fire restoration coating, and other coatings. There are many polyurea companies that are engaged in polyurea coating market for manufacturing and/or service purposes.

polyurea coating

Polyurea companies are engaged in providing polyurea coating services to both small and large corporations and government agencies. For small companies, polyurea coating helps to protect their surface from harsh weather conditions. For large companies polyurea coating helps them to keep their surfaces free of dust and dirt. For government agencies polyurea coating helps them to enhance their visibility, sanitation and safety. Polyureas are also used in industrial, transportation and construction.

As per demand and growing demand of polyurea coating, polyurea companies have come up with diverse types of polyurea. Polyurea coatings are available in several forms such as liquid polyurea, hard polyurea, stretch polyurea etc. Each type of polyurea is suited to specific applications. Thus polyurea can either be applied as paint on concrete, plastic, metal, or timber. Some polyureas are even resistant to fire, impact, vibration and chemical spills.

Many polyurea coatings are also specially formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions include high temperature, low pressure, flooding, ice, hurricanes, cyclones etc. Though polyureas come in various forms and designs they are generally chosen based on their resistance to weather conditions and their ability to resist impact, flame and chemical spills. Some polyureas have been specially manufactured to resist the extreme temperature and the adverse effects of the sun.

The polyurea coatings are usually painted onto concrete, brick, wood, stone and granite. These coatings help in extending the life span of the concrete or wood material. Moreover polyureas also provide additional strength to the material. Some polyureas also contain resins that help in preventing corrosion of metals. Coatings can be of many different colors depending upon the need and color requirements.

There are a few drawbacks of polyurea coating. The polyurea coating does not stand a chance to weather in open environment as it has a particular electrochemical charge that makes it susceptible to ultraviolet rays. Also polyureas tend to peel off in hot temperature and do not stick well to rough surfaces. So polyurea coatings are mostly used in closed systems such as tunnels, canals and dams where there is a possibility of rain water seeping into the soil.