The demand for polyurea coating is greatly dependent on the rise of new end-user industries. The primary applications of polyurea coatings are roofing, flooring and bonded surface coatings, among many others. As the polyurea market grows, polyurea companies are facing stiff competition from other polyurea manufacturers who have also invested in this growing market. It would be prudent to take a look at the polyurea companies in the market before making a decision to purchase polyurea coating. Here are some key factors that can help you decide.

polyurea coating

Polyureas come in two types – solvent and non-solvent. The former need not be heated when applied thus polyureas with SFP (Sensitive Feed Point Phenomenal) technology are much preferred than other polyureas. Also polyureas coated with UV-resistant materials are in much demand. Polyureas made of melamine or urethane are known to be leak proof thus rendering them ideal for sealing. However polyurea coating with melamine and urethane can be very costly hence polyurea companies make use of a wide range of polyurea resins and polyurea paints to manufacture polyureas.

There are polyurea companies that source their polyurea from Asian suppliers whereas there are some companies that source polyureas from European countries. All polyurea manufacturers try to craft polyurea coatings based on their manufacturing techniques, materials and other specifications. Some of the polyurea companies use traditional processes whereas some companies employ revolutionary processes for polyurea coating.

It is essential to choose a polyurea coating company that can customize polyurea for any project. Polyureas are not so flexible and they cannot be customized in terms of dimensional flexibility. Many polyurea companies will charge you for custom coating orders. The cost depends upon factors like the dimension and shape of the item, quantity of coating required and its color. Most of the polyurea companies will quote you an estimate price for custom polyurea coating but you need to negotiate with them for any extra cost.

Most of the polyurea companies offer you free samples of their polyureas. These polyureas come with detailed instructions and have to be read thoroughly before using them. Before starting the coating process, it is important to have the polyurea tested by an authority to ensure its safety.

You can use the Internet to search for polyurea companies. A large number of online polyurea companies have their own websites that give detailed information about their products, services and pricing. Here you can even buy polyureas online. Some of these companies also provide a wide range of other products such as polyurea garments.