Polyurea VS Powdercoat: Which is best?

While powder coating is often used as a more durable alternative to traditional paint, it can quickly fade and degrade from daily wear and tear, debris, and exposure. All it takes is one chip or crack and the coating can peel away like an eggshell. Once damaged, powder coating cannot be repaired using the same application methods or to the preferred level of protection.

Polyurea coatings, like those from ArmorThane, are much more durable and resistant to extreme environments. One of the unique properties of polyurea is that it can be elongated up to twice its original size without cracking
or tearing. In comparison, a powder coat is more rigid and does not have comparable levels of elasticity, so dents and impacts typically result in flakes or chips – exposing the substrate to water and chemicals. When this happens there is little possibility of repair. Damaged units are either spray painted or replaced, costing time and money. The solution? Forego the headache of powder coating and chose a long-lasting, low-maintenance polyurea from ArmorThane. A complete solution to the disadvantages of powder coat

ArmorThane Polyurea VS Powder Coat
In impact tests, polyurea is 15 times stronger than powder coat. With superior physical properties, polyurea will last for decades without the need for repair. At a time when a repair is needed, polyurea can be restored to the same superior level of protection without costly downtime. Because a spray-applied polyurea doesn’t need to bake or cure in an oven, it can be repaired in the field and dry to the touch within seconds. Powdercoat – 320-inch pound ArmorThane Polyurea – 320-inch pound
» Easy to repair
» Coating dries in seconds
» Fast cure time – no oven or bake time
» 15 times stronger than powder coat

» Can be sprayed smooth or with a textured finish
» UV protection
» Chemical and corrosion-resistant
» Thin-build polyurea options for tight clearances

A polyurethane/polyurea hybrid by ArmorThane Industrial Coatings was used to provide corrosion-resistant, non-skid protection for electrical pull boxes. Future maintenance is no longer an issue and the application provided an aesthetically appealing appearance. Electric Pull Boxes Evaporating Cooling Boxes Electrical Outdoor Equipment A manufacturer in Mexico utilizes a polyurea by ArmorThane Industrial Coatings to offer a ‘premium’ version of their evaporating cooling boxes. The polyurea coatings provides longer-lasting durability and resistance against corrosion. Electrical covers are fully encapsulated in an ArmorThane polyurea to provide all-year rust and corrosion protection. ArmorThane polyureas are repairable but require minimal maintenance