Polyurea Companies and Their Applications

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Polyurea Companies and Their Applications

For the best protection against corrosion, use a polyurea coating. This type of protective coating is ideal for containment tanks and can improve their lifespan. Storage tanks are subjected to extreme temperatures and caustic materials as well as daily wear and tear. IXS Coatings offers spray-on protective coatings for primary containment systems. Here are three applications for polyurea coatings: (a) Parking lots, driveways, mudrooms, and car parking lots.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. The term can be used to refer to many different industries. Some people use this term when referring to auto parts, but it can also refer to any manufacturing concern. The company responsible for the design and assembly of a product is usually looking for durability and long-lasting properties. This is why polyurea coatings are an excellent option for the application of various kinds of products. Its flexibility and durability make it the ideal choice for a wide variety of industries.

For wastewater treatment and pretreating applications, polyurea coatings are an excellent option. This coating can be applied directly to concrete and steel. Unlike other types of protective coatings, polyurea can be easily applied and removed. This allows you to avoid downtime due to coating failures. However, it is crucial to get the right advice when it comes to the type of polyurea coating for your needs. You may want to contact a technical service professional for more information.

For fire-resistant properties, polyurea is a great choice for residential applications. This product can be applied on uneven surfaces without the need for special equipment. Currently, three patent applications have been filed for its EIFS coating system, which provides a seal against moisture intrusion while also enhancing the strength of the EIFS wall structure. The company believes that the EIFS industry is an excellent place for the application of a polyurea coating system.

Traditional polyurea is a water-based material composed of long, dense molecular chains, which are linked together by a chemical compound known as “urea”. Although polyurea remains firm even when exposed to water and sunlight, it is highly flexible and resistant to impact and abrasion. It is also the best choice for protecting a variety of surfaces, including roads and bridges. Moreover, it is safe for the environment and is a great alternative to paints and mortar.

In addition to its benefits, polyurea coatings are also popular in industrial applications. They can be applied to water tanks and bridges, reducing maintenance costs and extending their life span. Besides, the coatings can be used as a joint filler/caulk, preventing cracks and ensuring a smooth surface. In addition, it can be painted on wood and metal structures. In fact, it is ideal for many different types of surfaces.