Polyurea Companies and Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea coating is a versatile material. It is used for a variety of applications including joint filler, secondary containment barrier, and water tank lining. Some people think that it is not as durable as conventional paint, but in reality, it can outperform other finishes and be more resilient. Here are some reasons why. This is the best coating for your next project. If you have a need for a more durable surface, consider polyurea.

polyurea coating

Polyurea is a versatile material. It can be sprayed over a wide variety of substrates. It can last from five to twenty years. Many coating materials are UV treated. This method has the added benefit of replacing the need for chemicals. In many cases, polyurea is less expensive to produce than other types of coatings. It is also a more eco-friendly choice. Because it is eco-friendly, it is also less invasive than other types of coatings.

Unlike conventional paints, polyurea can be applied directly to a substrate. This prevents the need for surface repairs or crack repair. In addition, it can be pre-sprayed on geotextile fabric panels to fuse them together and minimize downtime for wastewater systems. This saves facility owners thousands of dollars in downtime, which is critical to their bottom line. It also allows facility owners to re-start operations much faster than with traditional coatings, saving them days or weeks of revenue.

Traditionally, polyurea is sprayed over steel surfaces. It is used for water treatment plants and large pits. This type of coating is UV- and salt-resistant, and it has low-cost advantages. In addition to its low cost, polyurea is fast-curing and can be quickly applied to a prepared surface. The cured product is durable and can withstand a high-degree of exposure to sunlight.

Several types of polyurea coatings are designed for different applications. Some types of polyurea are used for tanks and pipes. Others are used in infrastructure applications. For example, a coating can protect against ballistics and spall and increase the longevity of a vehicle. When polyurea is applied to tanks, it can increase the life of the product by reducing maintenance costs and increasing durability. If you’re in the construction industry, consider installing a protective coating for your fleet vehicles.

Polyurea is also used in primary containment tanks. These tanks are exposed to harsh conditions, including corrosion, and can lead to a high risk of leakage. A polyurea coating will give these tanks an ideal barrier from these elements and increase their lifespan. Whether they’re in the oil and gas industry, the coatings will help reduce the risk of accidents. For more information on polyurea, contact IXS Coatings.

When applying polyurea, make sure you clean the area thoroughly before applying the coating. To ensure the coating adheres to the concrete surface, use professional-grade equipment. If you’re applying a large area, consider polyurea polyaspartic coatings. These are less durable than pure polyurea. If the area you’re coating is small, opt for cold spraying. It’s also convenient for small jobs.