Polyurea Coating Means Quick Finish Times For Your Project

Polyurea coating is an invention that has been introduced to the garage floor industry. Many people are not aware of the product and some think that it is a new invention but in reality polyurea has been around for about 60 years. If you have ever driven down a country road you may have noticed the concrete coating on the roads. This is polyurea and it is being applied quite often to keep the roads safe from salt spray.

polyurea coating

The polyurea coating industry has been booming because of its high performance, durability and cost effective benefits. With this amazing coating a surface can be prepared very fast with no surface preparation or painting required. For example, concrete can be prepared in less than 2 hours with polyurea coating systems. Concrete is the most popular base layer for above ground swimming pools. It’s also used to help protect metal structures from rusting.

In addition to the low cost and quick preparation speeds polyurea coating systems can also provide excellent resistance to acid etching. Acid etching can occur when concrete is exposed to a hot surface such as a hot tub or hot surface like the engine of a car. When concrete is exposed to this heat for a long period of time the polyurea coating will form a barrier protecting the concrete from getting the hot surface’s acid etched into it. The barrier will keep the hot metal surface from getting etched into the concrete. Once the hot surface has been etched into the concrete the polyurea coating will stop the acid etching from starting to form again.

Polyurea can also provide the floor with the durable and vibrant color options that can make concrete coating one of the most attractive floor finishes available today. From bright multicolored stripes to reflective finishes polyurea has color options that will liven up any floor finish. In addition polyurea floor coatings do not need to be stained or painted just like most other floor finishes do. You can stain or paint polyurea and the beautiful color options available will liven up your floor and make it look as if you had spent a fortune on the project.

Polyurea coatings can also help to control the level of maintenance required on the coating. When polyurea coating is applied it is cured by heat so it will cure quickly so you will not have to spend hours scrubbing off mold and mildew. Also polyurea coating does not require the same curing and drying times as other types of coatings will require. This means that you can apply the coating straight to the floor and the curing time will be very fast.

Finally polyurea coating is a relatively low maintenance coating. This is because polyurea is very dense which means that there is not much moisture in the coating when it is applied so you do not have to worry about mopping wet floors. Also because polyurea is very dense and does not absorb much heat so you will not have to worry about the finishing times being short like some other types of coatings do. In fact finishing times will be virtually non existent thanks to polyurea coating’s special properties.