Polyurea Coating: Key Advantages

Polyureas are unique polyurea coatings having superior water resistance ability. The polyurea coatings resist alkalizing, dehydrating and de-icing effects that take place during manufacturing processes. The polyurea coatings can also withstand extreme cold and heat conditions with no effect on the surface, making them highly effective in applications requiring extreme working conditions. There are various polyurea coating manufacturers in the world. Some well known polyurea coatings producers include Talgo, Tektronix, Kinetico, Nisko, Spray polyurea, Azurite and other polyurea companies.

polyurea coating

Polyurea Coating Market is growing at an alarming rate due to its numerous advantages. Polyurea coating can be applied to most non-moving or moving surfaces and its application depends solely on the needs of the client. The polyurea coating market is highly competitive and there are numerous coatings manufactures in the world. In this analysis, 2021 is considered as the beginning year to estimate the worldwide market size for polyurea coating. The polyurea coating market is growing at a CAGR (computed annual growth rate) of 5.5 % per annum.

Most of the polyurea coating includes several isocyanates which are responsible for the physical characteristics of the material. This is significant as there are a number of reasons due to which pure polyurea is hard to obtain. For instance, pure polyurea is difficult to obtain owing to the high toxicity levels of isocyanates that lead to serious health hazards when inhaled. The isocyanates formed as a result of exposure include acid rain, carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrocarbons (HFCs), and particulate matter (PMP’s).

The polyurea coatings are generally a mixture of resins (aqueous resin) and polyurethane that provide the hard-wearing, permanent surface protectors. These polyurethane coatings can be applied either in sprayed or liquid form. Both the types of application yield good results as per their own characteristics. Polyurethane spray coatings are known for their ability to adhere to a wide range of substrates like concrete, gravel, sand, tar, etc. This polyurethane coating is the most popular type of protective coating in industries. The polyurethane sprayed on concrete provides a strong seal while allowing a smooth clean surface, as it is a water-based product.

Some polyurea coating manufacturers also produce aqueous polyurethane products that act like epoxy in terms of hardening properties. As polyurea is primarily a solvent, aqueous polyurethane products provide the similar hardening properties as that of epoxy. Aqueous polyurethane is useful in applications where the required level of protection is low and more emphasis needs to be laid on durability and chemical resistance. In addition polyurea coating manufacturers also produce aqueous coatings that act like polyurethane in terms of resisting moisture penetration and giving a thick, solid seal. Aqueous polyurethane is again a solvent so it is also used in applications where moisture penetration is not a major concern.

Another major advantage polyurea coatings have over typical epoxy coatings is that polyurethane is a cheaper product to produce. The polyurea coating is ready to use right out of the manufacturing plant and does not need any further processing before application. This of course can lower the production cost but in return the end product is also much more durable and safe than polyurea. The polyurea coating can also be applied in a wide range of conditions as compared to other coatings such as epoxy.