Polyurea Coating Garage Floors Will Make Your Flooring Last Longer

Polyurea coating is actually a composite of resins and oils that are applied to a new piece of industrial equipment or construction material to create an anti-static barrier. Using polyurea in this capacity has become more popular over the past decade, as industries that once didn’t require the coating are now finding the benefits. Polyurea coating, such as Line-X, have been used in large-scale applications such as tank lining, secondary containment, gas containment, oil & gas and even factory flooring. However there’s an ever-growing trend across many different industries to apply polyurea coating to protect new machinery and projects – which includes this beautiful whale sculpture. So what polyurea companies are currently available and how can you find the one right for you?

polyurea coating

Some polyurea coating solutions are available to both industrial and residential customers. These coatings have a great number of advantages and can be used for a wide variety of applications. For example, polyurea coating has an excellent anti-static properties and is commonly applied to rail cars to prevent abrasion, rust, vibration and even termites from attacking the steel of the car. Rail cars are often vulnerable to abrasion and the coating effectively prevents this damage by providing excellent adhesion to the metal. Additionally, this coating can be used to stop damage from wind, rain, high-pressure weather and more, which can help protect your investment.

Another common application for polyurea coating is on concrete floors in garages and on concrete slabs around pools. The coating acts as an anti-static agent and protects against impact damage. As well, if the concrete slabs are laid in a basement, then the coating can act as a barrier against leaks and other liquids, which can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the floor. For many homeowners, concrete floors can be a liability, especially if there is poor waterproofing or if they are not sealed properly. By applying polyurea coating to these floors, you can greatly improve their structural integrity and thus reduce your liability.

Polyurea coating is available for a variety of projects, from small projects like concrete repairs to larger projects such as new garage floors. Because polyurea floor coatings are easy to apply, most DIY’ers find it to be an easy and affordable project to tackle. In addition, most companies that offer polyurea coating also offer a host of other products, such as concrete sealants, paint, grouts and the ever-popular polyurea mats. These mats are a great option for those who are not experienced in laying concrete and are sure to provide a successful project.

With polyurea garage floor coatings, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures. This gives you a lot of flexibility, which ensures you won’t settle for a substandard surface. A great polyurea coating company will be able to customize a plan specifically to your needs, ensuring you get the best product and the best results. If you need a sealant or want to create a color or pattern, most polyurea companies will be able to help.

Whether you need polyurea coating for a small repair, a new garage floor or anything in between, it’s important to ensure you are getting the product you need at a good price. Fortunately, it’s much easier than you might think to shop for polyurea. Many major retailers carry a large selection of polyurea products, from floor coating kits to epoxy kits. In addition, several manufacturers offer direct sales to consumers, meaning you can get your polyurea coating directly from them. Regardless of where you purchase your polyurea coating, make sure you always buy it from a reputable manufacturer so you receive high-quality product that is guaranteed to stand up to the worst conditions imaginable.