How Polyurea Coating Products Are Developed

There’s a high demand for polyurea coating in the construction & building, transportation, agricultural, and landscape / landscape end-users sectors. The aromatic polyurea segment is forecast to make up the biggest chunk of the polyurea coating market. Other important segments include polyurea block coating, polyurea coating for cement, polyurea coating for marble, polyurea coating for rubber, polyurea coating for sandstone and many others. The polyurea coating market is not limited to industries, but extends to automotive, marine & boat, cosmetic, and household products industries as well. This polyurea market is also expanding fast owing to polyurea coating’s multiple applications.

polyurea coating

With the polyurea coating market expanding at a rapid pace, many polyurea coating manufacturers are coming up with new product and strategies to meet the demands of the market. For instance, if you find that your polyurea coating application is not working, then it’s always advisable to consult a professional manufacturer or dealer for advice on how to improve it. Most of the manufacturers will advice the users to go in for a new product. They will say that the present product might be suitable for some other application, but it’s not likely to work for your application, so it would be better to go in for a new one.

A good example of a polyurea coating that is being used in the construction field is the polyurea coating for concrete. You might have noticed the concrete coating or concrete sealing on roads and highways all over the world. However, it is more than just a coat that improves the concrete’s performance. A number of companies have come up with special polyurea for concrete solutions that can seal the concrete better and help reduce the corrosion and wear and tear on the material. The polyurea also helps increase the life of the concrete and extends its useful life. A concrete that has been treated with polyurea is easier to maintain and has a longer life than one that is not coated.

Companies that produce polyurea coating for concrete are coming up with more innovative polyurea products these days that are providing even better solutions. One such coating is known as ISOCO and it comes in different formulations and is designed for use in the following sectors – marine construction, agriculture, cosmetic manufacture, pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemicals. The ISOCO polyurea is formulated with amine-terminated polyisocyanates (ATP), isocyanates (IOC), polyurethane (PP) and chlorine (C). The reason why there are several formulations is because each of these compounds has a different function and should be applied in a different way. For instance, the formulation of the polyurea with isocyanates is meant to provide strength to the concrete, whereas the formulation with polyurethane is meant to improve its water resistance, strength, glossiness and fire resistance.

Various manufacturing processes are used to manufacture the polyurea coating. The first process that is used is to heat raw material companies’ polyurethane to around 500 degree Fahrenheit. After the material is heated, the amine-terminated polyurethane is added and then heated at even higher temperature. This produces the polyurea mixture that is ready for application. Some of the raw material companies also use other ingredients and processes in the production of polyurea, but polyurea coating produced using these traditional processes are not as strong as those that are produced using modern polyurea technology.

The polyurea coating market is huge and growing at a rapid pace. There is no doubt that this market will continue to grow for many years to come. With millions of applications around the world, it has a lot of room to grow. To keep up with this large demand, manufacturing companies need to develop a diversified polyurea coating portfolio. They should be able to create a competitive edge with their coatings. In fact, this edge will help them maintain their dominant position in the market and will enable them to continue increasing market share.