How Polyurea Coating Benefits the Automotive Industry

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polyurea coating

Polyurea is a high performance flexible thermal spray coating with high resistance to solvents, moisture, heat, and UV rays. It is a flexible, thick, clear, plastic film that is applied to any solid surface via spraying or can be mixed with water or other liquids. This coating dries instantly to a hard, clear plastic film that is nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. This property makes polyurea one of the fastest developing coatings available in the Spray coatings market. Due to this unique property of polyurea, it can be applied to an unlimited number of surfaces including metals, plastics, and other materials, which has resulted in polyurea coatings having a wide variety of applications.

Polyurea coatings have distinct physical properties that have made them very attractive to manufacturers looking for a cost effective yet high quality coating. Polyurea is made up of thousands of tiny polyurethane molecules that are incredibly strong and tough, but are also chemically inert. This means that polyurea coating does not alter the physical properties of a surface during application. For this reason, polyurea coating is excellent for use on equipment and components as its physical properties ensure no change in the component’s functionality, which provides years of dependable service.

Polyurethane coatings have the ability to expand with any thermal shock or pressure, which results in a thicker resin mix than regular resins. Because of this ability to expand, polyurethane coating is excellent for resisting heat, since expansion will not accelerate rate of cooling, like many other standard resins would. The result is that polyurethane coatings expand at an appreciable rate, which results in a thicker resin mix that can withstand tremendous pressures. Additionally, polyurethane coatings do not heat up or degrade in the presence of moisture, which is vital for applications where temperature fluctuations are prevalent.

As an example of how polyurea coating can add new dimension to any product portfolio, consider how simple it is to incorporate these polyurea resins into a new product design. For example, many automobile manufacturers will have a required minimum number of coatings applied to their new products before issuing them for sale. Many automotive manufacturers are also working with paint manufactures to create paint formulations that require less coats of polyurethane on the exterior of the vehicle, allowing manufacturers to make newer cars that often sport a more aggressive appearance. In addition to being easily used to increase the life of an existing product, polyurethane coatings can also be easily blended into other polymer mixes for a completely new look. Some polyurethane products also feature additives that can be added to improve the performance of other polyurethane components, such as increasing the level of thermosetting or shrinking the surface area of the polymer mix.

All the benefits listed above are directly related to how polyurea coating can improve the performance and longevity of a wide range of products. With polyurea’s ability to expand and contract based on external temperatures, it can provide manufacturers with a means to keep their products from losing airtightness during long temperature shifts. The polyurea coating is also very lightweight, so it is easy to implement in place of other materials in many cases. This lightweight characteristic makes it easy to apply the coating to a variety of different surfaces without having to rely on dozens or hundreds of heavy, cumbersome or costly materials. In addition to all of these benefits, the polyurea coating is made with a nearly limitless number of applications, providing manufacturers with a consistent and dependable material that can be implemented in a wide variety of different applications.